has over 25 years of experience in taking care of New
Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont gamblers.
MEGA began small with chartered flight
offerings to Atlantic City from Manchester NH, Portland ME was added, and in the
past 10 years
MEGA added trips from Bangor ME, increased the number of chartered
flights, began group commercial air trips, cruising, and recently group motorcoach
trips. Our new way of thinking is: "The focus is on the gambler but our dedication is
to you"!

MEGA's dedication is simply to satisfy your every traveling-gambling need, but I will
always feel it is more important to personally know who we have the honor to travel
with. If you are already one of our
MEGA Peeps then that is super-awesome, if you
are not yet one of
MEGA Peeps then I recommend that you get on the
MEGA-Bandwagon as soon as possible.

As the new owner;
Michelle Y English, I can't wait to take MEGA Casino TOURS to
her next levels of success. I have been a staple in the casino gaming industry for
many years and part of
MEGA Casino TOURS for less the 3 years, but what has made
me a success is everything my parents instilled in me; honesty, dedication, integrity,
and hard work, and now working for you further strengthens those traits. Yup, having
an opportunity to take care of you and your traveling-gaming needs has made these
past few years simply perfect. So, here I go (and here you go) on this new and
MEGA Journey to include adventure, travel, fun, new friends, gambling, and
super-cool times.

Finally, whether you just dabble in the gambling world, enjoy entertaining yourself in
the gambling world, or are a whale of a gambler, I have you covered with trips from
your neck-of-the-woods to destinations that include cities like Las Vegas, Council
Bluffs, New Orleans, Niagara Falls, and many more
MEGA also has three truly invaluable assets; Kathy Phillips is perfect. Kathy hails
from the New Hampshire area and without her loving dedication, perfect laugh, and
super focus on life we just wouldn't know what to do with ourselves. -I recommend
you get her to share that perfect laugh with you on every trip.
Leni Smearer is
perfect. Leni hails from where you are trying to get to; Atlantic City. Leni is a beautiful
and a strong person who can charm any of the
MEGA Peeps with a story or a smile.
And last, but certainly not least, we have our perfect
Dona Wine. Dona hails to us
from the Maine area and without her beautiful dedication to helping others, love of
family and life, and quiet charm we would be lost.
My MEGA Group Leaders and I can't wait to take care of you so  take a
moment to review the website and our Facebook Page and then give me
a call. -I'm waiting.

We are here to help with room and dinner reservations, shows,
promotions, and special invite bookings, chartered flights,
commercial air assistance, and cruises. Call us at
Ph: (800) 848 - 4697
Alt: (609) 541 - 3511
Facebook: MegaCasinoTours