Meg Balint started in the casino industry over 25 years ago in the most important
role of any business; secretary.  Her hard work, friendly demeanor, attention to  
detail, and willingness to work until the job was 100% completed made her the
perfect person to move quickly up the ranks from secretary to Sales Manager, and
then to the creation of a key department in the casino, VIP Services.

She continued to gain knowledge in many roles within the gaming industry and
outside of the industry, which included a thriving summer cleaning company, and
licensed real estate broker.  She soon received the ultimate opportunity to operate a
30-Seat Flight Program and later pitched an idea to open a travel agency within a
premier Atlantic City casino. Eventually she created her own Casino Junket Charter
business: Mega Casino Tours.
Kathy Phillips and Dona Wine are invaluable assets to Mega Casino Tours. If you
travel from New Hampshire then you are sure to see Kathy and her shining
personality waiting to assist you from airport to property. And, if you are traveling
from Maine then you will have the great pleasure of being assisted by Dona. Both
Kathy and Dona are such a welcome sight when traveling with Mega Casino Tours,
that to miss one of our group trips with them would surely make you sad until your
next meeting. They are great representatives of our gaming
friends and Mega Casino Tours.

Of course, you don’t want to miss out on meeting up with
Leni Smearer. Leni will
most likely see you at the Atlantic City Airport or on arrival to our Atlantic City
properties. Leni has been with Mega Casino Tours for over 12 years. She is kind,
smart, and willing to assist whenever needed.

We want to re-confirm without
Patrick Balint's fluent knowledge of computers and
the tech world, that we would not be as fluid as we are today. He has set the stage
for our future success and we are continually grateful to him for his talents. We wish
unlimited success as he begins the next beautiful chapter in his life.

When you meet
Michelle English you will realize why she is a welcome addition to
Mega Casino Tours. She is sure to excel in her new role with guidance and support
from Meg, Patrick, and the ladies of Mega Casino Tours. Michelle is a beautiful
person that loves working. She has 15 plus years of experience in the gaming industry
that will aid in her success with Mega Casino Tours.
We can't wait to take care of your gaming needs.

We are here to help with room and dinner reservations, shows,
promotions, and special invite bookings, chartered flights,
commercial air assistance, and cruises. Call us at
Ph: (800) 848 - 4697
Alt: (609) 541 - 3511
Facebook: MegaCasinoTours